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Dan Wu



While I love being able to play, tweak, and reinvent all sorts of food from all sorts of cultures, you gotta do it with respect, unlike these sad examples of cultural appropriation.

Bangkok Without Street Food?!

For the sake of “order & hygiene,” Bangkok’s government is shutting down all all street food stalls by the end of 2017. What about food and culture? What about tourism? SAD.

Dan Wu on Food News & Chews Radio

Check out this super fun conversation we had on Food News & Chews w/ Jeremy Ashby, Sylvia Lovely, & Twitch. It’s just like hosting a food show except without all the work!

You can ManGo Your Own Way


I admit I’m a sucker for these chipper little shot-from-above cooking videos. This one has some super simple hacks (get it?) for cutting fruit.

The Great Eight

Black pepper, vanilla, curry powder, chili powder, soy sauce, garlic, MSG, and Sriracha. Those are Sarah Lohman’s Eight Flavors, what are yours?

Yes but where are my TACOS?!


I was pretty excited at the prospect of my two passions – food and politics intersecting until I realized there’s NO FOOD at these registration sites! I dunno about voter fraud, but there is definitely some taco fraud happening here.

In case you need help figuring out who to vote for November 8th, just remember that Donald Drumpf eats his steaks WELL DONE. #dealbreaker

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