The Culinary Evangelist

Dan Wu

Episode 120 League of Extraordinary Bereans

Berea’s Chestnut Street Champions assemble for a terrific roundtable, featuring Mae Suramek of Noodle Nirvana, Katie Startsman of Native Bagel, & Lindsay Windland & Drew Elliott of Clementine’s Bake Shop.

Episode 119 Lisle Adams & Greg Brenner

Coffee & tea dynamic duo Lisle Adams of Shuffle Bean & Greg Brenner from IntegriTEA give us the lowdown on building the beverage biz.

While I love being able to play, tweak, and reinvent all sorts of food from all sorts of cultures, you gotta do it with respect, unlike these sad examples of cultural appropriation.

Episode 118 Ashton Wright

Bluegrass Farm to Table Local Food Coordinator Ashton Wright gives us the lowdown on the food ecosystem of the Bluegrass.

Episode 117 Steve & Kristy Matherly

It’s a family affair at Sunrise Bakery as Steve & Kristy Matherly tells us how they really feel about gluten-free, Girl Scout Cookies, and mothers-in-law.

Bangkok Without Street Food?!

For the sake of “order & hygiene,” Bangkok’s government is shutting down all all street food stalls by the end of 2017. What about food and culture? What about tourism? SAD.

Episode 116 Stella Parks

Award-winning pastry chef, cookbook author, & Serious Eats editor Stella Parks talks tarts, temps, and her love of Oreos.

Episode 115 Ben Self

West Sixth Brewing co-founder Ben Self tells us why doing good is good for business and who he’d love to have a beer with.

Episode 114 Jeremy Ashby & Sylvia Lovely

Food News & Chews hosts Jeremy Ashby & Sylvia Lovely sure know their way around a mic & love to chat about food.

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